Ready to apply for a Household Relief Loan Without Interest?

Things you should know before you start.

20 - 40 mins to apply

Tip: Have the items listed below ready to speed this up.

Save and Return later

You can start, save, and return to your application later to submit.

Confidential and secure

The information you provide is secure and only accessible for these services, with your consent.

Contact within days

With the right documents supplied, we'll assess if this loan is right for you, and call you for a financial conversation within a few business days.

What documents will you need to upload?

You need to upload several files to submit your application. Please use a device that can upload documents.

Proof of identity

Either a passport, driver’s licence, Medicare card or similar. This is required by law.

Expenses and income

Access your recent income and expenses via our secure online service.

Evidence of loan purpose

Upload the invoice/bill/statement that you are applying for this loan to cover.

After you submit, you will be asked to book a 30min financial conversation at a time that suits you. In this call we will ensure you’re aware of other COVID supports available for you, and be sure that this loan is right for you.

Your application is confidential and secure.